Chickens & 2 other topics…

This week:

  •  A crazy chicken story to share
  • Wanted to follow up on Cusick House Honey Ale
  • Provide a spring planting update – yup it is that time!

First the crazy chicken story… Every once in a while life gets interesting out here on the farm and I begin to wonder what the heck we are feeding our chickens!  As many of my family can attest we have some of the best free range egg’s around, but this one still has Huz and I scratching our heads.  Last week Huz collected the eggs and one was a MONSTER egg…  It was HUGE, like 2 and a half times as big as a regular egg, we weighted it with our food scale, it came in a just over 1/3 of a pound or 5.78 ounces. WOW.   See picture below!!!

monster egg 1

That poor chicken must be sore!  Next, we had to crack it open to see if it was a single, double, or the VERY rare triple yoke… and it was not any!!!  Much to our surprise, it was a single yoke with another whole egg, shell and all on the inside.  What the H?  It was crazy… see picture below, it is worth a thousand words.  Never a dull moment around here!

monster egg 2

Next on the list – we finally cracked into our Cusick House Honey Ale, it is full of flavor & delicious for our first attempt into home brewing.  We have already thought of a few tweaks for the next time we brew this recipe but for now, excellent start.  Goes great with pizza, popcorn, chili… the list goes on!

Last but not least the Garden… for those of you out there who are seed starters for your garden now is the time to start some.  We are starting our rocket snapdragons for cut flowers and early tomatoes for our cold frame this weekend (3.2.13).  Hold off on starting the tomatoes if you are not planing on transferring them to a cold frame, our August harvest tomatoes are started more mid March/early April, will keep you updated on the planting timeline.

Please let me know if you have any comments or questions and thanks for letting me share our crazy chicken story!  Enjoy ~ Megan


15 thoughts on “Chickens & 2 other topics…

  1. You should log back into Facebook just so you can post that picture!! I must know…did you guys eat it?? Unreal! Glad your beer turned out! I love reading your blog!

  2. Ok, I just made my first batch of “mega bars”! I made them for Josh so I left out all the dried fruit and added peanuts and a couple tablespoons of mini chocolate chips. I’ll let you know he he likes them! They are chillin in the fridge right now!

  3. Yum!! Well, the girls and I are loving them! Eli is sleeping right now but he doesn’t have a problem trying new foods so I’m sure he’ll love them too! Thanks for the recipe! Soooo easy! I’ll probably be making them on a regular basis!

  4. Ok, the Mega bars were a hit with Josh! Also, I’m making cornflake chicken for dinner tonight. It’s been a day full of Cusick/McCormick recipes!

    • Jenny – So glad they all turned out so well! I bet you could double the nuts if you do not add fruit that way the bars would be a bit heartier! How did the cornflake chicken go over? That was always a hit when we were little. Sometimes my mom would make the baking powder biscuits go with them.

  5. The cornflake chicken was a huge hit! The only one who didn’t eat it was Nikki, but she doesn’t eat anything (except for the mega bars). I’ll definitely be making that again! I’m making my second batch of mega bars right now! I’m doubling the amount of peanuts, and we are toasting the quick oats to see what that does to the texture. I’ll let you know 🙂

    • I love it! Cornflake chicken is a good classic recipe! … I have toasted the oatmeal before in the mega bars, it adds a bit more flavor – have fun experimenting. It is a fun recipe to experiment with!!! 🙂 So may options and flavors!!! For example even if you just change the chocolate chips to milk or white chocolate, it would change the flavor again!

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