Canning Hot Peppers… Jalapeno!

hot pepper 2A brine hot pack canning method for hot peppers.  For this post I picked jalapenos, as I needed 10 jars for my pantry this year.  We average about 1 jar a month plus I have 4 jars left over from last year.  We also use this canning method for hungarian wax peppers and cherry bombs.  All 3 peppers are excellent canned in this style and they are great on/in sandwiches, pizza, mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, etc.  It is a very healthy way to add a bit of spice to your life.  Lets get to it!


  • Jalapenos – fresh picked from garden or local from farmers market
  • Brine – see this post on how to make brine…
  • Wide Mouth Canning jars, (wide mouth makes it easier to fill the jars and remove later to eat, also we like the pint size since you won’t go through them as fast)
  • Wide Mouth Canning lids
  • Wide Mouth Canning rings
  • Disposable plastic gloves


Rinse jalapenos, then wearing gloves (IMPORTANT you will get pepper juice on your hand so wear gloves and do not put by your eye or face) slice the peppers into rings up to stems.  Fill the jars as you go.  Once done slicing and jars are full it is ok to remove the gloves.  See picture below.

hot pepper 1

Now are going to “hot pack” can our peppers, because if you put them in a pressure cooker you would cook them to death.  Heat up your brine until it is boiling.  (To see how to make brine click HERE) For this batch of 10 pint jars heat up about a gallon of brine.  Once the brine is boiling fill each jar with the boiling brine solution and let them sit for 10 minutes.  This heats up the peppers.  See pictures below.

hot pepper 3

While waiting the 10 minutes, fill a small sauce pan with an inch or 2 of water, put the number of canning lids you will use in the pan, and turn on to a medium-high heat.  This will heat up your lids, and help in the sealing process.  Set on a low heat once boiling until ready for use.

pickles 4

Once the 10 minutes is up drain the brine, which is now spicy into a different pot.  NOTE VERY IMPORTANT:  This brine in the different pot is now “hot or spicy” brine since it has hot pepper oils in it.  Brines you can re-use, but if you re-use this brine say for example canning pickles they will be spicy/hot from the pepper oil.  We save this brine label it as HOT BRINE so we know not to use it canning pickles but we re-use it when we can our cherry bombs,  hungarian wax, tabasco peppers or anything else pepper related.

Once the hot/spicy brine is drained into a different pot refill the jars again with boiling brine, or you can quickly bring the orignal brine you just removed back up to boiling and use that brine again.  This way you do not have a bunch of hot brine on your hands.  Once the jars are full with boiling brine for a second time, top with canning lid, and screw on a ring, hand tight to ensure a good seal.  We have a handy magnetic lid grabber I would recommend having on hand, you can usually find them in the canning section at your local grocery store.  It makes taking the rings out of the water so much easier. See pictures below.

hot pepper 4

Done, they will seal as they cool.  This year we had 1 that did not seal, so it is in the fridge waiting to be used up.  Date the lids once cool, remove the rings, gently wipe the sides of the jar and store until ready for use.  So versatile… great to bring places or spice up your own dishes.

hot pepper 5


  • Don’t forget to wear gloves throughout the cutting process. Huz wore them through the whole process but that is not necessary, he is just super careful because spicy contacts are no fun.
  • Also remember your brine becomes hot/spicy brine after the initial 10 minutes while it is infused with the hot peppers.  You can re-use this brine (brine keeps a really long time) but label it as HOT BRINE..
  • Some peppers we have found to be excellent canned are:  Jalapeno, Hungarian Wax, Cherry Bomb, and Tabasco
  • These will keep for 2 or 3 years if sealed, both hot peppers and vinegar have high acidic levels making them great for preserving.

Please let me know if you have any comments or questions and remember it is good to spice things up in your life every now and then!  Enjoy ~ Megan


One thought on “Canning Hot Peppers… Jalapeno!

  1. Very informative! Interesting on the Hot Brine. Do you ever put this Brine into your pickles so they would be spicy hot? Nice job Megan and Jeremy!!

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