Blueberries and Peaches!

This time of year is so fresh, and my favorite time to eat.  Apples are starting to ripen, peaches are in full swing, blueberries are winding down but still around and fresh veggies are coming out of the garden left and right.  Wanted to share with you a way to preserve some of those blueberries and peaches.  Lets get to it!

How to Dehydrate Blueberries (super easy and excellent in mega-bars)


  • Blueberries


Last year I did this and is was a royal mess because the recipe called for blanching the blueberries for 30 seconds to puncture the skins.  I had blue juice everywhere it leaked all over every crevasse in my dehydrator and after cleaning up that mess I swore I would find a better way if they turned out good.  Well as it happens they were excellent, especially in the mega-bars They added really great flavor, texture, and as Huz’s says “a nice chew”.  So this year I decided to experiment and I must say was pretty excited when it worked…

  • I pulled a 1 gallon bag of blueberries we had picked and then froze a week earlier.
  • I spread out the frozen blueberries all over my trays, since they were frozen they did not stick together.
  • I turned the dehydrator on to my fruit setting, for ours it is 135-145.  Then left it alone… about 30-ish hours later we had perfect little blueberries all dehydrated, with no mess (alleluia).
  • Depending on the size of your blueberries it might take longer or shorter, I started to check mine after 24 hours.  To test if they were done I ate a few.
  • Once done I stored them all in a ziplock bag with a good seal after they were done.  See picture steps below.  It was so easy and it is awesome to add the variety to our diet.

  blueberry 1

blueberry 2

blueberry 3

blueberry 4

30 Hours later - Finished!

30 Hours later – Finished!


How to Make Peach Freezer Jam

Next strawberry this is my favorite.  I love mixing strawberry and peach in my plain yogurt for a bit of fresh flavor, sometimes I throw in a few frozen blueberry’s too.

Peach Jam is just like making strawberry but with a different fruit.  Thus if you need the step by step with all the tips please see the strawberry post but follow the “peach freezer jam” recipe in the Sure-Jell box for proper fruit and sugar proportions.  Few tips on the peach freezer jam:

  • To make peach jam follow all the tips you did for strawberry but follow the “peach freezer jam” recipe in the Sure-Jell box.
  • The one major difference is lemon juice.  You need to add fresh lemon juice, the juice helps to slow peach browning.  Make sure you use the fresh stuff here that reconstituted stuff you get at the store is lacking in favor and if you use it your peach jam will be lacking in favor also.  I know from experience…  I did it once a few years ago as I did not have lemons in the house and figured it was the same.  I was so disappointed in the flavor of my jam that year.
  • Remember to year date your lids to ensure proper rotation in the freezer.
  • Below is a picture of my finished product.

peaches 1

Please let me know if you have any comments or questions!  Enjoy ~ Megan


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