How to Dehydrate Apples

Sorry for the couple month post delay but working crazy hours at a local fall apple orchard ( kept me on my toes… now it is time for some apple posts.  Fall – the time of year for apples in Michigan, yum!  For this post we are going to be dehydrating apples, the one key tool you need is a dehydrator.  You can use your oven, which I have never done, here is a link for that method.  Dehydrated apples are great for snacks, are awesome in trail mix, or even mega-bars!  They are so versatile, and well worth the time (as all good food is)!  Lets get to it…


  • A dehydrator – we have a Vegikiln.  We love it, we picked this out not too long after we were married and it has been well used.  We picked this model  because it had a nice temperature range.  The range allowed us to dehydrate from 95 degrees – 155 degrees, allowing us to dehydrate fruits, herbs, veggies, meats, etc.
  • Apples – washed
  • Lemon Juice – the from concentrate stuff you can get in large containers at the store
  • Scrap bucket


I set up the scrap bucket, washed apples, lemon juice, and dehydrator in kind of an assembly line fashion to be as efficient as possible, see the set up below.

Dehydrate apples 1

Next I half a bunch of apples, core them, cut out bad spots, and slice them.  You can do one apple a time but I think to chunk out each stage makes it go a bit quicker.  Note when you slice the apples you want them about 1/8 inch think, not super thin or thick.   – See below.

Dehydrate apples 2

Once you have a bunch sliced into the lemon juice they go for a quick dip, this helps to prevent browning while drying.  Then lay them out on your dehydrator rack in a single layer.

Dehydrate apples 3

Repeat this process until the dehydrator is full or you run out of apples.

Dehydrate apples 4

Turn on your dehydrator.  The temperature range for fruit on ours is 135-145.  At this range, the apples take about 14-20 hours to dry depending the thickness cut, usually after about half a day I check them and try one to see if it is done.  When done to my liking I turn off the dehydrator and let them cool for a while then bag and store in an air tight container.  They will keep for a 3-6 months this way.  Again this is a great healthy snack and so versatile to use.  See finished product below!

Dehydrate apples 5

Please let me know if you have any comments or questions!  Enjoy ~ Megan


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