I Don’t Know Ale … Conclusion (Bottling & Tasting)

bottling beer 11Bottling beer is an exciting step for us in the brew process as we know we are close to tasting (which is my favorite step) …  Depending on the style of beer they may age for months in the bottle or just need a bit of time to bottle carbonate.  This style (English IPA) just needed time for carbonation.  We are hoping in the near future to add a kegging system but we have been going back and forth on designs, I am for one idea Huz has another so until we decide we bottle… Let’s get to it!

Bottling: (This is a pretty straight forward process)

We bottled 6 days after we dry hopped (we were suppose to wait 7 but we had a crazy Sunday so we bottled 1 day early).  To bottle you:

  • Remove the dry hop bag if you have used one.
  • Rack the beer from the secondary fermenter to a bottling bucket using your auto-siphon
  • Add bottling/priming sugar, in this case we bottled at 2.7 volumes to give it a nice carbonation but also stayed in the style guidelines
  • Fill using a bottle filler
  • Cap
  • Give it 1- 2 weeks to carbonate
  • Below are a few pictures of these steps.

Bottling Beer 7


Since we brew a lot and like to have different varieties on hand I bought some 1 inch round labels and label each beer with the name, bottling date, and ABV.  This helps in telling them apart.

To read more about the “Beer Judge Certification Program” and the “14A. English IPA” style guide lines check out here.

We waited about 9 days after we bottled it to try it and  see how it was conditioning and as we suspected it was ready to go… here was the result!

  • I Don’t Know Ale:  This beer delivers with a medium amber color that has a nice light body mouth feel with good carbonation.  It offers refreshing notes of mango fruitiness, taking you away to a tropical paradise.  Also finishes like a true English Ale offering sufficient toasty/biscuit malt flavor.  Bring on summer, ABV 5.1%!

Bottling Beer  10

Bottling Beer 9

This will be be a great spring/summer beer now can we just get this weather to cooperate?  This concludes the overview on how to brew.  We have a Belgian Style beer on deck to brew over Huz’s spring break called “A Wif of Belgian Blonde”.  We also have a French style Saison upstairs in the primary’s which we are hoping is another great summer brew.  Please let me know if you have any questions! Enjoy ~ Megan


5 thoughts on “I Don’t Know Ale … Conclusion (Bottling & Tasting)

  1. Every time I see your brewing pix I have two reactions:

    1) Yum
    2) Can’t wait until I have a kitchen big enough to buy new specialty glasses.

  2. Wow!!! That is a ton of beer!!! Sure looks like you are having FUN!!

    I forwarded it to Uncle Dave! ;). He will love to see this step!

    Nice work!



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