2 People 40 Acres… This is a blog about myself Megan and my Huz living life on 40 acres. We have been married since April 2008 and are always growing and changing with each season.

The major thing to know about us: We are 100% food snobs!

Food drives so many of our decisions here on the farm, even if we do not consciously admit it at time. Any way we can make our food taste better and/or be more natural we are all for it. We are constantly playing around with new recipes and trying to figure out how to make more from scratch, the less process the better! Due to this obsession with good tasting food we are currently in the early stages of adding a second kitchen designed specifically for summer canning and freezing. We currently have 3 freezers and try to preserve as much as possible since the tastes are out of this world different! The other little secret that comes with this obsession, if you do it right you can also save in the pocket-book!

Some of the ways we make our food taste better (you will have to follow the blog to see how things progress):
– We have honeybees – our girls make some delicious honey and the left over hive products make for some wonderful lip balms and soaps.
– We have chickens – they lay delicious eggs, and yes the chickens taste out of this world also.
– We have a 2 acre garden, and not too long after we were married did we have a deer fence installed, since then yields have been much better
– We brew beer – this is a new obsession for delicious tasting beer, yum pizza and beer
– We bake 100% of our own bread – using recipes new and old, fire bricks from menards even help in this process.

By day Huz is a high school science teacher and by night, weekend, and summer vacation a jack of all trades always experimenting with his wife on food, or home remodels.

By day I (Megan) am a trophy wife (ha – always wondered how that sounded) working around the house managing the farm and trying to keep up with Huz on weekends, nights, and summer vacations!  If you ever have questions feel free to email me at cusickfarms@gmail.com

Enjoy the fellowship & food!  In the words of Juila Child – “bon appétit”


5 thoughts on “About

  1. You are too cute Megan! Keep up the good work! Can’t wait to try some of your delicious bread at the next family gathering! Yumm

    Aunt Anne 🙂

  2. We are looking forward to moving someday soon to our 40 farm! I am currently a nurse (cardiac surgery) and hubby is a computer guy. I will retire soon and hubby is going to work less. We are hoping to build a cordwood house. I like to can and am jealous of your canning kitchen. I will definitely plan such things into the new house design!

    • Exciting! I got so far behind on my blog this year, I am hoping to pick it back up soon! Currently canning kitchen is in full swing, we have about 6 bushel of tomatoes left to can then we are done, and only potatoes, and onions and squash to take care off…harvest time always is crazy!

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